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Action YOU Can Take To Help Stop Arizona College of Nursing

Updated: Mar 11

Arizona College of Nursing is a scam college/diploma mill that is taking aim at would-be nursing students in the Milwaukee area. This is not a new tactic, and these types of institutions have existed here before (Everest, ITT Tech, Kaplan etc) we have a whole article about it if you are want to get caught up! History must not be allowed to repeat itself, and we don't need another group of business men coming into the city to take advantage of our would-be nursing students. If you would like to get involved to stop this college, here are some steps you can take in the order of least to the most time commitment

Signing the petition:

This is a petition was put together by our partner organizations. It is addressed to the Mayor of Milwaukee, Cavalier Johnson, as well as the common council. Signing this petition will only take a few minutes of your time, and adds you to a list of over 800 other people telling our elected officials what we want from them.

Writing an email to the Common Council:

Please write how you feel about the subject, and send it to the members of the Milwaukee Common Council (names/phone number/email below.) You may write about your experience, or that of someone you know, or just as a concerned citizen! If the common council hears from so many different residents of the city they will take notice.

This is what I wrote, and you can feel free to use it to get started -

 "Hello my name is ____ I am a (Nurse/Student/Nursing Student/relevant occupation) and I am writing you today in order to urge you to vote against changing zoning ordinances in order to allow Arizona College of Nursing to open a location here in Milwaukee. Platt College's pattern of behavior is consistent with other colleges from Milwaukee's past. Everest, Sanford Brown, ITT Tech, there is a reason these names have been brought up in this conversation around AZCN and it is because this college, and these other examples are all cut from the same cloth. They will come in, take what they can from Milwaukee's would-be nurses, and get out of town. This is not a long standing investment, and I ask that the common council put their foot down on the zoning changes and keep this predatory institution out of our city."

Michael Murphy: 414 286 3763 -

Bob Bauman: 414 286 3774 -

Russell Stamper: 414 286 2221 -

Jocasta Zamarripa: 414 286 2221 - 

Jonathan Bostroff: 414 286 2221 -

Write a complaint to the Education Approval Program:

This is the public institution that approves colleges coming into our state under the criteria that they are an "effective school," and that they are not misleading students. This agency is is a consumer protection agency. They have approved AZCN, but they did not do their homework! It only takes 30 seconds of googling Arizona College of Nursing to show they are mired in controversy, facing a federal lawsuit in Texas, and a well below average graduation rate.

A complaint to the EAP may look something like this"

Hello my name is ____ I am a (Nurse/Student/Nursing Student/relevant occupation) and I am writing you today to ask that you reconsider Arizona College of Nursing's approval. The school fits into a pattern of other for-profit colleges in our state that have misled students by taking advantage of their financial aid and giving them little in return. Their credits may not transfer to legitimate institutions, and their degrees are faulty. In Texas they are currently battling a federal lawsuit from students alleging that they were overcharged by the institution, and that they participated in fraudulent practices. As a consumer protection agency the EAP has not done it's job to address AZCN for the scam that it is."

Come volunteer to make posters with us at the FAST Fund:


At the FAST Fund we will have poster boards and supplies to make STOP SCAM COLLEGE signs that we will take to our action on March 14th. Our office is on the 8th floor of Foundation hall, and we will be making signs Tuesdays, March 5th &12th anytime between 8am-4pm

Show up to the common council meeting in person on March 14th:

The meeting will be held at city hall at 1:30pm on the second floor. Rides will be made available for those that need them. Speaking is optional, your presence alone will send an incredible message!

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