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Clothing Resources For Students

You can't attend college without clothes (though you could take only online classes and give it a shot I guess?) And your family needs them too! These are some organizations in the community providing clothing for families.

Father Gene’s Help Center — 414-258-4357 (5919 W National Ave.) Provides free clothing for women, men, and children

Bethany-Calvary Clothes Closet — 414-258-2861 (7265 W Center) Provides Food, clothing, and books for families 

Wed 10am-Noon

Children Clothing Center (1936 Vel R. Phillips Ave) 

Free clothing for K4 -12 

Need voucher from school a principal or social worker to shop Voucher program (414-526-2574) Hours during school year — Thur’s and 2nd Sat 9 - 12

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