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Resources for Healthcare

Students face a number of unique challenges in terms of accessing healthcare. Many of us are not working full time and thus are ineligible for healthcare through our employment, while at the same time we may still be making “too much money”  to be eligible for state insurance!

Healthcare is not free in the United States of America. While many of us hold that it should be so, we are all forced to untangle insurance, and find ways to afford access to healthcare.

Through a collaboration with Froedtert, MATC Students are eligible to utilize FASTCare free of charge. This is a program that serves as an alternative to seeing your regular doctor for a number of conditions including cold symptoms, as well as administering sports-physicals and lab services such as flu-shots and urinalysis. You can see the whole range of services they offer on their website here. 

The City of Milwaukee Health Department’s Community Healthcare Access Program or CHAP is a resource for families who are looking for a more comprehensive health plan. The health department will assist students with the process qualifying for free, or low cost insurance plans through the Affordable Healthcare Act.

The Sixteenth Street Health Clinic is a community health center that pledges to “provide the highest-quality medical, behavioral health, substance abuse, dental and physical therapy to every person who walks through our doors.” This is their website, they have several different clinics across Milwaukee as well as Waukesha counties.

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