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Resources For Parents Attending MATC

A great deal of students at MATC are raising children. Their is no definitive guidebook to raising children, but these are some community partners who can offer help. We also encourage parents of young children attending college classes in person to check in with MATC Child Care Services!

4 C for Children: Childcare resource and referral agency 

Local Programs Servicing Developmental Health:

City of Milwaukee Health Department Strong Baby Program - For Community Outreach Specialist-Developmental Screening email Jay J. Romant DC, BSN, RN

Phone number: 414-286-6611

City of Milwaukee Health Department – Maternal and Child Health Division: These programs provide home visiting, health access, nutrition, health education, pre/post-natal and community outreach services — targeting families impacted by high infant mortality, health, social and economic disparities.

Lead Safe MKE: Learn about Lead and Lead Safety

The Milwaukee County Birth to 3 Program is for children ages birth to 3 years old who are suspected of having developmental delays that may indicate the need for early intervention services. Lots of fee useful info, videos, and resources here for any parent concerned about their young child’s health.

MPS Child Find: Along with Birth to 3, MPS Child Find is a huge resource for those in Milwaukee with concerns about their child’s development or any disabilities. For kids 3 Years Old and up. 

Southeast Regional Center: Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs (CYSHCN) - The Southeast Regional Center helps provide answers, find services, and connects people to community resources for children with special health care needs. Services are free and private. 

Well Badger Resource Center: Well Badger Resource Center is your one-stop connection to community, social, health, and government programs —a place to find what you need, when you need it.

Developmental Screening Information and Resources:

The CDC’s “Learn the Signs, Act Early” is a wonderful source of information and free resources for all things related to children’s developmental health. 

Brookes Publishing: Learn more about the ASQ3 and ASQSE2 Developmental Screening Questionnaires and get free resources on activities to support children’s development. 

Learn about ASQ

Developmental Activities

Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University is a wonderful resource for those who might want to dig a little deeper into all things childhood development. offers free tips on activities parents/caregivers can do with their children through a phone based app.

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