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The Asian Student Association Rules

There are genuinely DOZENS of student organizations on campus who are doing cool as heck things. These are groups run by students providing a sense of community for those involved. Other groups take it a step further and work to build out the culture for the non involved student population, such as the Black Student Union hosting Adult Prom. The Asian Student Association is one of the most active organizations on campus and they are amazing!

ASA Members Speak For Themselves: 

Wachue Vang - Student/member: “I loved the atmosphere, their attitudes, and how involved everyone is. It makes me a better student. MATC can feel so separated, but ASA is doing it’s part to unite the campus.”

Junior Vue - Advisor: Junior was asked to be an advisor this year. He loved seeing the students put together events like Game Night, and sees the ASA as a great space for students to “develop skills and to share culture.”

Gaona Yang- Social Media Coordinator/Vice President: Gaona became involved with the ASA in Fall 2023, and has really enjoyed her time working with other students. The thing she sees as the most important part of the ASA is in its ability to “spread Asian Awareness on campus,” and recognizes that they are a small portion of the student population but that they have a lot to offer the community.

Yeng Tha Vue “Cloud” - Former ASA President: “The ASA is a safe place for Asian students on campus. And our career coaching one-on-ones are important for developing skills for our members.” 

Victor Lo - ASA President: “Being involved with the ASA changed my life and taught me to build community at school.”

The Asian Student Association’s Campus Labs page outlines their mission on campus succinctly:

  •  “To liberate the spirit, heart, and mind of students, through the knowledge of their cultural expression, moral courage, and honorable behavior. 

  • To empower students to become responsible, well-educated, self-directed, and think critically and creatively. 

  • Challenge them to embrace their own history, acknowledge and embrace their self-worth, develop a commitment to social justice, and reinforce education as knowledge learned and shared.

Recently the ASA put on a beautiful Taste of Asia event on May 16th. It was an incredibly powerful time that brought together many different students over a meal and cultural exchange. Nearly every person I talked to at the event mentioned how important it was to the greater MATC experience that student organizations were able to put on events and share. The then president Cloud spoke to the importance of building community on campus as it relates to the student experience in his address to those in attendance. 

It is so exciting to see these cool organizations getting out there and doing amazing things, taking initiative to unite and enrich our campus community. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for next year! If you want to get involved you can log in to your Campus Labs and join. You should also follow them on instagram too, because they have a really cool presence over there! 

ASA officers at the MATC Open Housing in April 2024

Don’t know about Campus Labs? Well it is the easiest way to get involved with any on campus community. It is a hub for all of the student organizations on campus and can be accessed here. Once you log in you can peruse the entire catalog of different organizations, as well as the upcoming events pages. Let’s create a better MATC together!

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