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MATC Complaint Form

Have you heard about the MATC Complaint Form? 

If you have concerns, or would like to report an incident with the college, the Complaint Form is the best way to do so. The complaint form allows for anonymity, but will also ensure that the student is given the opportunity to be heard. This formal process also ensures that the complaints are appropriately documented by the college and that they are distributed to the right person.

The form itself is quite self-explanatory, and can be utilized to begin the process of addressing all sorts of issues from inter-student issues, or complaints of mistreatment by teachers, up to issues with the facilities themselves (including Westown Green) and Financial Aid. This tool is the best place for students to begin to advocate for themselves here on campus, which is something that we always encourage! There is a link to the form itself here.

Why Use the Complaint Form?

Students who do not feel that their concerns are being listened to are liable to try and take action into their own hands. This is not always something to be discouraged, but we do recognize that utilizing the tools offered to students may offer stronger and more effective solutions. If you are experiencing issues with a teacher or with another student utilizing the complaint process allows you to find an intermediary for solving problems. 

Issues between students happen, issues with different teachers are also bound to happen, as they do any time groups of people come together. Conflict is a part of relationships, and acknowledging it in a healthy way is a positive for everyone involved. In addition to the complaint form, students are encouraged to reach out to our wonderful Ombudsperson, Yolanda Hodges 

Personal Story with Complaint Form:

I am a vegetarian, and when I started at the college I had few options to choose from in the cafeteria. I thought to myself that surely their were a number of students like myself who were unable to find something to eat in the cafeteria aside from fries or a salad, and I wanted the school to consider adding options for people like myself. I was hesitant to use the complaint form. Complaint feels like such a strong word for the type of thing that I was asking for, when I really only needed some small accommodations. 

Our veggie burgers rule

 I did end up getting a call from faculty in a few days, we had a talk about what it was I was hoping for and in the weeks that followed I started to see egg salad, grilled cheese, and veggie burgers included as regular items in our cafeteria! The complaint process helped me and my concerns feel seen by the administration, and I do believe that it is a powerful tool. The administration has the power to enact policy at this school, and students need only be brave (and given the right tools) to present the changes that they see are most necessary. 

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