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Student's In Action: RISE University

We are all beautiful angels

On April 25th, 2024 MATC students joined with students from other campuses around the city for a community activist training. The training was held by Rise, a Gen Z-led organization that rallies around issues such as voting and fighting for basic needs, who are a beloved partner of the FAST Fund. 

11 of our students showed up, and were compensated for their time with $75 Visa Gift Cards. The training itself consisted of learning to tell our own stories in order to relate to others! It very much stressed the importance of making connections with other people, and building relationships beyond your typical uncomfortable conversations about voting etc. We also practiced advocating for issues that matter to us the most, with one group fighting for Women's Rights (pay-gap, access to healthcare, safety) and the other group giving an impassioned speech on food insecurity.

Student Nefataria teaches the class about the gaps in knowledge on nutrition, and the stigma around food pantries.

 If there was one take away from the event above the rest it was that we all have the capability to be agents of change. Each one of us has a valuable skill set, and life experience that educates our ability to connect with others. That means you too, the person who is reading this! I am certain that your perspective allows you to see something in the world that could be improved, and you can use your voice make it better.

RISE is hiring student activists for the summer and fall semesters. They pay handsomely and can work with your schedule as you do something really important. Email RISE to apply

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