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Summer/Fall Jobs

There are lots of opportunities for MATC students to get involved with community organizing, and the pay isn't so bad either :)

Company: RISE 

Role: Wisconsin Field Organizer

Pay: $20-21 hourly

Responsibilities: Organizing Students on Campus (MATC) around students basic needs and also around voting. Read more here


Role: Campus Organizing Fellow

Pay: $1000 a month

Responsibilities: 15 hours a week of on campus (MATC) communication with students about issues that are important to them. Read more here


Role: Campus Organizer

Pay: $4300 a month

Responsibilities: This one is a full time job. Specifically organizing on campus (MATC) around getting out the Vote for the August and November elections.Read more here

To apply read the whole job description here

Company: Campus Vote Project

Role: Democracy Fellow

Pay $700-900 a semester

Responsibilities: Very part time, engaging with on campus voter organizing and promoting democracy at MATC. Read more and apply here 

Company: Souls to the Polls

Role: Student Vote Influencer

Pay: 25$ Hourly

Responsibilities: Communicating the importance of voting with students. Creating visuals and short voter videos and sharing them to social media. You can read more here

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