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You Can Vote Here at MATC!

Voting rules ok! It’s not “cool” I guess, but it is a thing you do, and should do! And thanks to early voting it is now easier than ever to get your early vote right here on campus! Thankfully Wisconsin’s laws are such that new voters can register right up to the day of the election. So if you have an ID, are over 18, and are an American citizen you can vote! 

There are 3 elections left in 2024, and depending on which district you live in  it can be difficult to keep track of when to vote, where to go, and what to vote for. The “when” is easy, these are the dates for voting this year, with early voting beginning 20 days earlier:

April 2, 2024: Spring general election/Presidential preference primary

August 13, 2024: Fall primary

November 5, 2024: Fall general election

If you are nervous about forgetting to vote in an important election then the best way to easy those concerns is to vote early! The Downtown Campus of MATC is an early voting site this year, and as with other early voting locations you may cast your vote regardless of your home address (so long as you are a Milwaukee resident, of course.) The early voting location is in the T building on the first floor!

If you happen to miss early voting you can certainly still vote! But you are going to have to track down your polling location, and that information can be found here! On you can also find what is on your ballot, and make sure you are making an informed decision when you cast your ballot.

Lastly, if you are an out of state student and are looking to cast your vote in your home state you can find all of that information here.

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