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The Milwaukee Diaper Mission Rules

Updated: Jan 12

The FAST Fund has many community partners whom we work with to provide resources for the people who need them in our community. One of our many invaluable partners is the Milwaukee Diaper Mission! The Milwaukee Diaper Mission is a local nonprofit organization that works to provide emergency diapers and menstrual supplies to families who need them. Their work is invaluable to our community and in high demand! After a long wait time the FAST Fund was given the opportunity to be one of their partners. We have worked with our excellent friends over at the MATC Food Pantry which now serves as a distribution outlet for the Diaper Mission services right here on campus!

Approximately 1 in 3 families with children are under-equipped with diapers. This public health crisis is referred to as Diaper Need (it even has its own Wikipedia page.) Diapers can be incredibly costly, and if you are not someone who has experienced Diaper Need it can be difficult to see it for the crisis that it is. From a health standpoint, when children do not have the diapers they can develop rashes or urinary-tract infections. These health consequences can be detrimental to the child’s developing mental health, and has been associated with maternal depression as well. 

When a child’s caregiver is experiencing Diaper Need they can be barred from childcare services, which can lead to job and income loss for a parent.  When a family has adequate diapers they are more able to concentrate on schooling, work, and the other responsibilities that come with parenting. The Milwaukee Diaper Mission meets this need every day, and we encourage parents at MATC who need diapers to use their services if they need it. Needing help is not a moral failing.

The Milwaukee Diaper Mission also has a program to supply period supplies to people who menstruate. The issues that come with a lack of access to menstrual products is as long as that of Diaper Need, and as many as 2 out of 5 people who need tampons and pads are unable to access them. If you are in need of additional menstruation supplies you should also be sure to access the Food Pantry for one of the Diaper Mission’s period kits. They also have a cute program where you can volunteer to write a note that will be included for another recipient, and you can find this program on their website.

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