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Help For Managing W/E Energies

W/E all have electric bills, and when you are a student trying to further your education keeping up with bills can be the furthest thing from your mind! If you need assistance with your electric bill the FAST Fund may be of some assistance, however as a student advocacy non-profit W/E only deal with small one time emergency grants. Here are a few resources that offer more long term help.

Milwaukee Energy Assistance

Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program

When falling behind on a bill, electric or otherwise, you are your best advocate. Be in contact with your creditor, and be transparent with what you can do. Remember asking for help is not a moral failing.

Contact WE Energies

-Ask to set up a budget billing plan (this is where WE equalizes energy costs over the course of the year so the bill is always the same and more manageable.)

  -Ask WE Energies what they can offer for EnergyAssistance. Depending on your income and what is owed etc. WE Energy may reduce the bill. 

 -Ask for a payment plan. You cannot miss a payment. If you do there are consequences including having to pay the entire amount due! Generally a down payment is required to participate in the payment plan (FAST Fund can help with this)

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